It seems that there has been some confusion about the part of the title of events, “beyond feminism.” So I just wanted to mention some things.

One of the events mentioned on the calender is a day of explaining why we chose to have that be apart of the name and there is a lot of weight to it that could not be summed up in a blog post right now.  But I will say that in planning this, we have no delusion that patriarchy has or is going to disappear after all is said and done here. Sexism, racism, homophobia, and classism are still alive and well. Nor are we trying to instill a matriarchy (just throwing that one out there).

We are by no means attempting to be condescending or presumptuous. This is all about communication and not taking the easy way out in impulsively drawing lines between our respective identities or how we have experienced this world. Like we have said before, email us with any questions or critiques.

What we are trying to do, is explore the fact that in striving for our own individual freedom or understanding of our discontentment, we have found that certain identities have entered the realm of just another game of power play. Power roles shifting back and forth under the guise of liberation or progress. If you say you’re struggling, what or who are you struggling for?

We acknowledge the importance of identifying with certain social groups or struggles to an extent of finding those who you have commonality with. However, gaining control over our lives, and our bodies is not something to be limited, and we want to get to the root of what or who is debilitating us.


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July 9th-17th 2010
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